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Working with Johnny was awesome… he was great to work with,an extremely talented and super intelligent young man I was blown away by his presence. I worked with him for his show called “BE GOOD JOHNNY WEIR” produced by ORIGINAL MEDIA, and now playing on LOGO.

  I shot him on the Sony EX3…A good camera ,great image, my only concern with that camera is that its not very balanced …Sony needs to go back to the drawing board with that…otherwise it produced  awesome footage.

Hanging with Johnny weir was an absolute blast he is so damn funny and his fashion sense is off the charts….I also got the chance to shoot Kathy Griffin who also is funny as hell and an absolute sweetheart…..bottom line I had a blast and can’t wait to shoot him again!

My wish is to shoot him on the ice…I myself have played ice hockey since I was 3years old so I shoot camera on ice skates roller blades and snow skis…dancing with Johnny on ice would be an honor!!!!! Thanks for all the laughs Johnny!!!

BE GOOD JOHNNY WEIR will air on Logo tv…so stay tuned….its gonna be a blast!!!!

Renato Moore
Director of photography

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