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   I have the honor of being the director of photography for MNETS new hit and first show BEATS PER MNET a music video show  with a twist. BPM will cover everything from music, food,clothing, politics and anything thats hot in the world!!! Hosted by comedian PK-Paul Kim and the beautiful  fashionista Yvonne Lu BPM is sure to be a smash hit!!!!

  MNET is a Korean based network that launched there United States sister company late 2010. MNET is the home of Asian pop,kpop, jpop,and everything cool in the Asian community!!! However it has something for all races and ages. I myself have become a huge fan of Asian pop….its ground breaking entertainment!!

On the music tip we cover huge girl pop groups, male pop groups, rap, and solo artists…and when I tell you these individuals are no joke….these kids are no joke…they are extremely talented and amazing entertainers. For example we cover  female artists such as Hyori lee, Son Dam Bi, Girls generation, 4 minute,one of my favorites ..Secret,T-ara, and Tasha. These young ladies are all gorgeous and can sing and dance their asses off!!! I’m Sooooooo hooked!!
   As For the males we show videos from Rain, Big Bang, Se7en,  Drunken Tiger,and the list goes on.

  We will also show American videos too, Beyonce,  jay-z,snoop dogg, Nicki Minaj, Lady GaGa and many many more. Like I said there is something for everyone.

Beat per MNET will air on the MNET channel so check your local provider for more information ..cause trust me you won’t and don’t want to miss out on what MNET is going To bring to the entertainment world!!!!! BECAUSE ITS GOING TO BE EPIC!!!!!

Renato Moore
Director of Photography

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