Bizarre Videos

There comes a time in life when you do something so outrageous, so crazy, so unbelievable you’ll never forget it and you have to share it….I’ve done a lot of amazing shoots, I’ve done fun shoots, I’ve shot sunsets that took my breathe away!!!,In this case this took my breathe away!!!! because I was laughing so hard!!!………… this shoot takes the cake!!!!! My Friend from AOL called me and asked me to do a green screen shoot for him and their Asylum website: I said sure… I Love to do green screen….Little did I know this would be my crowning jewel!!!(wink wink :) …). By far this is not my greatest achievement,,,but by far it was my most memorable…LOL I must warn you some of the talent is a little off!!! O heck who am I kidding!!! they are a lottle off(.LOL Is that a word???), But in defense some of the talent actually had something!!! Please enjoy…..from me to you!!!!!