HeliOptics Rental

HeliOptics can get the shots otherwise unachievable by Jib Arms or Full Sized helicopters. By fast deployability and a small footprint the Helicopter can access covered or tight locations including terrain, rivers, and forests. Tracking or chase shots are achievable by the pilot and camera operator following along in a vehicle. To capture stunning aerials we employ a pilot who controls flight surfaces and a camera operator who keeps visual contact with the subject using the thru-the-lens live video downlink on either video goggles or the base station monitor. The camera is secured onto the helicopter and steadied by the latest Gyro-Stabilized 360 degree 3 axis-Pan/Tilt/Roll Gimbal for super steady results. The helicopter can carry up to 7.5lbs of camera payload, this opens the production up to using a variety of camera bodies and lenses including the Canon 5D, 7D, C300 Sony FS100, SI-2K, GoPro & Red Epic sized cameras. Working directly with Producers, Directors, and Cinematographers we can review shot concepts and help guide your production thru the obstacles and challenges that arise when dealing with low altitude aerials. Weather conditions change and being flexible is who we are. When a shot or a shoot needs to be rescheduled due to changes in the weather we will be glad to accommodate. Liability insurance is carried at all times for every flight.

Type of Camera:

-Low altitude Cinematography
-RC aerial cinematography
-RC aerial photography
-Close Range Aerial Cinematography

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  • Colin Havey


    Dear Renato,

    My name is Colin Havey and I’m an LA based director shooting my first major short film with a budget this August in the Redwood forest, 11 hours north of LA. I will be in need of aerial shots for at least one day and I’m very interested in meeting and talking to you about the film.

    You can find more information about the film here: https://vimeo.com/61941774

    please contact me at colinhavey@gmail.com


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