Canon’s New Camera

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Canon’s New Camera:



Canon has a secret and it will be unveiled November 3rd. I’m extremely excited and rumors have it that it’s gonna be amazing!!!! Canon hit it big with their DSLR cameras such as the 7D and the 5D. No one truly knows if they knew what they were doing with the movie mode…or if it was purely  by mistake as some experts say.

Canon now we think( wink wink) has built a camera geared specifically for shooting digital film, no over heating problems and proper audio inputs. Rumors have it that there will be two styles one that is PL mount and EF mount….that would be awesome for those with those lens of choice. Awesome!!

My only wish list for the camera is that it has an optical view finder …something the first canon didnt have nor did the Sony F3. All we can do is hope that Canon brings the heat.

I’m a Canon person ….have been since the higher end mini dv camera became exceptable to the industry. The Canon XL1 was ahead of its time and pretty much changed the game. It had the frame mode which was 30p and at the time we really didn’t know what they started.

Unfortunately Canon let Panasonic come in with their DVX100A and that was all she wrote the DVX was unstoppable, it completely took over the industry and became industry standard. With it body stlye and 24p mode Canon never bounced back!!! …..Until now!!

So let cross our fingers and hope Canon can stay on top an amaze us with this announcement on November 3rd!!!

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